Book Review: Revive Your Heart


Title: Revive Your Heart
Author: Nouman Ali Khan
Publisher: Kube Publishing
Published Date: 2017
Formats: Hardcover & Paperback
Pages: 252

Review Template Revive Your Heart.jpg

There were so many lessons that I learned from this book and I just have highlighted only three, which is not enough compared to what I really learned. Read this amazing book, you will surely find gems in it!

Note: I have made some changes to my format for reviews. If you like this new format please comment below or if you have any better suggestions you are most welcome too. I would love to know your feedback.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Revive Your Heart

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    1. Jazak’Allah Khair 🙂 appreciate your feedback. Ya I thought so, I tried this way because I felt some prefer short and direct reviews rather than reading long paragraphs. In sha Allah, will keep improving 🙂
      Have you read this book? If you love his lectures, you will surely love this book, In sha Allah


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