52 Week Dua Challenge [W7]

52 Week Dua Challenge, is an amazing challenge started by an instagrammer @quranjournal for the purpose of memorizing a dua that is important and relates to your goals in each week for a whole year, which will result in a total of 52 duas being memorized at the end of the year.
#52weekduachallenge #52weekduachallenge2018

WEEK 7 [FEB 11 – FEB 18]

I will be posting my dua challenge at the end of each week, which I begins on every Monday and ends on following Sundays. Hence, my post will be about the dua that I have already memorized in that particular week. I am already 4 weeks behind, so I am continuing from 5th week onward. My aim is to first memorize morning and evening dhikrs with their meaning from the book “Fortress of the Muslim“.

Its the end of the 7th week of the year, and this is the dua that I memorized.

52 week dua challenge (1).jpg

This dua needs to be recited 3 times in the morning as well as in the evening. Its such a significant dua for something that most of us take granted for. Sometimes, we don’t realize the importance of these blessings, unless it’s taken from us. May Allah make us among those who are thankful for all the blessings that He has blessed us with His infinite Mercy and Generosity. Aameen.

Tip: As for the people who wants to join the challenge but finds it hard to believe that you might be able to give that much effort to learn a new dua every week due to your busy schedule, here is a tip that you can start with. When you begin this journey, try to start with short duas, that way you don’t have to spend much time everyday to learn it. Also, if you are like me who wants to learn both meaning and arabic text, then you can start with those duas that you are familiar with in arabic text, and spend your time only to memorize the meaning. Later, when it becomes more of a habit, it will be easy for you to make time for learning more difficult duas, In sha Allah. Hope this find helpful! 🙂

Progress of the Challenge: [03/52]

I find challenges very effective and interesting, since it creates a great motivation to achieve that goal you have been procrastinating for ages, and also with a community involved, its amazing! Go check out the instagram page @quranjournal. Would you like to join us? 🙂


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