Names of Allah Monthly Challenge

Names of Allah Monthly Challenge, is a post created for the purpose to memorize the beautiful Names of Allah, not just by the name itself, but with the in-depth meaning of the Names, in the hope to always reflect and apply it in everyday life. Hence, I will be spending more time in learning these names and challenge myself to deeply learn at least 1 Name of Allah every month. If circumstances allows me, In sha Allah I will be learning more than just one. Also, currently my main reference will be the book, “Who is Allah? His Names and Attributes and their Significance to the Individual” by Umm Abdurrahman Sakina Hirchfelder. Here is the outline of the challenge!

Names of Allah Monthly Challenge.jpg

“…and sufficient is Allah as a helper” Qur’an 4:45

This month, I focused on learning the name of Allah, An-Naseer. As I was researching, I found has really beautifully highlighted on this name, hence I will be reflecting the lessons here.

We all need ‘help’ in our life here on earth, we can’t fulfill all our needs self-sufficiently. And sometimes we completely rely on people, things or ourselves to achieve our dreams. Hence, leads to many disappointments at the same time is very wrong.

Knowing Allah is The Helper, it assists me to completely rely and call upon Allah in all matters, and seek His Help in every circumstance while believing deep in my heart that with Allah’s help I can achieve anything.

Here’s an infographic made based on the gems that I learnt from

An-Naseer (2).png

If you have known any other source, where I could get more information regarding the name, An-Naseer, please leave the link down below in comment section. 🙂



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