Children Book Review: Mommy, Who is Allah? Al-Khaliq (The Creator)



Title: Mommy, Who is Allah? Al-Khaliq (The Creator)
Author: Susan Zainab Jones
Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing
Published on: August 14, 2017
Format: Paperback  & Ebook
Age Group: 4 to 8 years
Pages: 34

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Children have their very imaginative minds, and they tend to ask so many questions as they go on learning new things. As muslims, sometimes parents struggles to teach their children, “Who Allah is”. And sometimes this leads us to avoid the topic and let them learn on their own as they go on in life.

This book shows how you can teach your child, through the simplest of ways ‘Who Allah is’. Like any child, Abdulrahman is a curious boy. After finishing the Salah (prayer),  his mother started making dhikr, and this made the little Abdulrahman interested to know what she was doing, so he asked her. When his mother told that she was remembering Allah, the little mind of Abdulrahman did not understand what that means and he asked for more. Then the mother begins to teach her loving son, one of the names of Allah, which is Al-Khaliq (The Creator). She uses her arms and facial expressions to create an imaginative world, giving the child to ponder upon it and also be active and enjoy it at the same time. I love how the author has made it so simple and creative! I believe this will give the child a more last longing knowledge, and In sha Allah grow their iman and love for Allah. The book has beautifully demonstrated how you can teach your child through the very simple means that your child is familiar and appropriate to their age, such as trees, sky, stars, etc. Without going into complexities let their belief be strong in the true source of everything; Allah, through His magnificent names and attributes. Moreover, the colorful illustrations of the book shows the beauty of islam via the character’s islamic dressing and manners, which I loved as well.

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I hope to see more to the series, as this can be a great assistance for the parents as much it is for children.

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I highly recommend this book to all muslim parents! Instill your children with the love of Allah, that can only be attained through knowing Allah, thus teaching them His beautiful names and attributes. Also, for those children who are memorizing the names of Allah, let your child know more than the arabic text, let them also know what it really means.

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JazakAllah Khair for Djarabi Kitabs Publishing for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review. May Allah bless all that involved in producing this significant book. Aameen.

Short Bio of the Author:
Susan Jones was born in New Orleans, La. in 1969. She grew up in Houston, Tx. and converted to Islam in 1999. She studied the religion in Dubai, UAE, where she opened a bookstore, providing Islamic material in English. Susan is also an ESL instructor and taught English in the UAE and in KSA for almost 15 years. She enjoys writing poetry and informative Interfaith essays. “Mommy, Who Is Allah?”, is her first children’s book and the first in a series of 6 stories that are intended to inspire love and appreciation for Allah, The Creator. (Reference: Amazon)


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    1. Lovely review masha’Allah. One thing that people often don’t realize with this book is that ‘hand symbol’ is different than ‘small hand cymbal instrument’ 😉 that the mom mimics and uses in this story. We often find ourselves explaining this over and over…

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