Book Review: A Gift for a Muslim Bride


Title: A Gift for a Muslim Bride
Author: Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Publications
Published on: 2017 (fourth edition)
Format: Paperback & Hardback
Pages: 462

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This book, truthfully, is an ideal gift to Muslim sisters (brides) and women in general, as it mainly deals with the concerned affairs of the marital life according to the Qur’an and Sunnah; touching upon topics like the excellence of a righteous wife, her attributes and duties to her husband.

It also contains stories of exemplary women, advices and other precious parting advices as a light of guidance. By practicing them, a home can become a garden of Jannah (Paradise).

This edition in hand has been improved and revised, with authenticated sayings and references for readers to gain beneficial insight into maintaining a beautiful marital life.

My thoughts

One of the biggest leap that we can take in life is the leap from “single” to “married”. It is a life changing decision that you make with so much hope and excitement, at the same time with so much uncertainty. For sure, everything in this life is unpredictable.

The reality of marriage and its purpose, is so much fabricated among the young adults as a result of all the movies and fairy tales that we have been watching and reading. Hence, the mindset we have when going into a marriage is so far from the reality. It may be due to our society we live in, it may be due to the upbringing of our family, it may be due to many factors, but despite all these, it is the duty upon ourselves to strive to attain the  right knowledge through authenticated sources. You are responsible for yourself and your decisions.

Right when I started reading the book, I realized that I had to change my mindset completely. Know that this is a book for the ‘Muslim Brides’ and so all that is highlighted in the book is for you to become the best spouse for your husband. Things that ‘you’ need to change, adopt and compromise in order to become a righteous spouse. It is more focused on your duties as a spouse rather than your rights. And this is something that we need to give so much importance to. At times, we are so focused on our rights that we forget that to have a successful marriage, both the partners needs to have the mentality that “I will be the best spouse that I can be, In sha Allah”

Its a comprehensive book with 462 pages, and to be honest it took a lot of time for me to get through the book. As to the contents, the book gives you the life of the exemplary women such as wives of prophet, daughters of prophet and wives of companions. If you are looking for ways to overcome the challenges faced as a life of daughter-in-law, ways to maintain the love of your husband, ways to implement the qualities of a righteous wife, and basically to become a spouse pleased by your husband at the same time gaining the pleasure of Allah, In sha Allah this book can aid you through your journey. I really loved that the book has given realistic drama dialogues, which was very helpful in terms of understanding the reality and also how your reaction to an event can completely change the outcome. At the same time, it was intriguing to see a change in the presentation of the contents. Moreover, I also loved all the beneficial hadiths, quranic verses, islamic reminders, heartfelt duas, that has greatly contributed to the knowledge one can gain through the book.

The one thing that I did not find interesting is that the book contain poems that are written by famous muslim poets in regard to the life events. I never am and was a fan of poems, hence I have skipped most of these while I read through. But if you do love poems, then this a bonus for you. Although there are some areas that I did find hard to understand the wisdom behind it (maybe due to lack of my knowledge), I do believe that the book is a precious gift to a muslim bride, in order for her to be a bit aware of the new life ahead of hers. Especially in understanding the significance and seriousness of her duties to her husband.


I would like to recommend this book to teens, just so that they can have the correct mentality when they are of age to marriage and In sha Allah, prosper in their married life. Also, this can be a really good gift for a friend or family member that is about to get married.



My Ratings

4 stars


I want to conclude with this beautiful dua from the book:

“O Allah Ta’ala! Grant me a husband who practices religion completely and who will assist me to do the same. Make him a soft-heated person who will appreciate and honor me. Grant us pious children and make us among Your chosen slaves who have a fervor for jihad and who are a means of spreading Your religion throughout the world. Make him a person whose love for You is deeply entrenched in his heart, whose imaan is unshakable and who places the love for Your Rasuls and the Companions of the Prophet before his love for all other mortals. He should be a person who is averse to the pleasures of this world and whose attention is focused on the life of the Akhirah. O Allah Ta’ala! Make him a source of delight, comfort and support for me. Aameen”


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