1. The blog is dedicated for positive reviews of authentic Islamic Books only. However, self-help books & children books that does not have any content that contradicts to Islam, may be given consideration upon request.
  2. Accepted formats: ARCs, Finished Copies of Hard Copy (highly preferred), Audio Books & E-Books for below 95 pages (Epub/PDF).
  3. Send all your review requests to Please note that all requests may not be accepted, a reply mail will be sent for either case (whether accepted or not).
  4. An acceptance of your offer means that consideration is given for review, and does not guarantee a published review. Only after reading at least 30% of the book, a confirmation of review will be notified.
  5. The time frame for the review to be published will be usually within 1 month’s time  upon approval of request and arrival of the book copy. (subject to change)
  6. I am happy and willing to review as many as my schedule allows.


  1. Belief in Allah – Tawheed
  2. Quranic teachings
  3. Hadith & Seerah
  4. Aqeedah & Eeman
  5. Islamic Children Books (highly preferred)
  6. Muslim Family
  7. Muslim Women
  8. Lifestyle
  9. Self-Help, Behaviour & Psychology in Islam
  10. General Islamic Books
  11. Islamic Planners, Journals, Productivity Journals

*Please note that requests that does not fit to the above categories and are related to political, business, financial, economics, poetry, promoting western romance, and books with offensive language, will not be considered.


Please include the following details in your review requests:

  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. Publisher
  4. Published Date / Publication Date
  5. Genre
  6. Format
  7. Age group
  8. Pages
  9. Synopsis

Also, attach a finished copy of the ebook (PDF/Epub) with your mail, for published books. Hard copy is much appreciated.


The review will mainly include the following:

  1. Cover art: The front cover
  2. Details of the Book: Title, Author, Publisher, Published Date, Pages, Format
  3. Synopsis: A summary of the book
  4. Review: Based on likes and dislikes
  5. Rating: Between 1 to 5


All reviews will be conducted with integrity and posted to blog’s instagramtwitter and to goodreads account. Every book featured at DeenplusBook are either gifted, purchased by me, or provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thus, all reviews expressed here are solely of DeenplusBook and does not reflect those of publishers/ authors.